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"Relax and/or make great combos with this sandbox-like gamemode!"

- Gameplay description from Dijeweled Remastered.[]

Zen (known as Endless mode in Bejeweled 2) is the mode of Dijeweled Remastered. Unlike other modes, you can't lose on this mode.


Is played like other modes and very basic, with Flame Gems, Lightning Gems and Hypercubes but Zenify appear on this mode, this mode can play longer. This mode is also great for practicing how to make Special Gems by using Zenify, or classic match.

Match gems to fill the Zenify bar. When is full, the Zenify is ready to activate.

Zen mode
Level 90 of Zen mode.[]


If player activate the Zenify, it allow the matchless moves temporary in 10 seconds, then it disabled.

Reach level 20 in Zen mode unlock the Compact mode.