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Wall Blast
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Wall Blast is a type of mini-quest featured in Quest.


Wall Blast Help

A dialog box providing information about the first Wall Blast mini-quest.

In the Wall Blast mini-quests, in the center of the game board (behind the gems) is a square-shaped, tan-colored stone wall. The goal of each mini-quest to clear all sections of the wall, which is only possible via the effects of Special Gems.

Beside the game board is the Timer Bar. Each Wall Blast mini-quest must be completed within their own given time limit. When the Timer Bar reaches thirty seconds, "The Voice" will announce a brief warning about the amount of time remaining. When the Timer Bar reaches fifteen seconds, the vertical edges of the board emit a pulsing red glow and a warning sound plays; these effects intensify as the time limit approaches expiration.


Mini-quest Associated Relic Description
Wall Blast
Wall Blast
Relic 3 The goal of this mini-quest is to clear the entire wall within 75 seconds. The wall in this mini-quest consists of sixteen squares (4×4).
Wall Blast II
Wall Blast II
Relic 5 The goal of this mini-quest is to clear the entire wall within 120 seconds. The wall in this mini-quest consists of thirty-six squares (6×6). During this mini-quest, Hypercubes fall into the game board every now and then.


Wall Blast Tutorial

A tutorial message explaining how to play the Wall Blast mini-quests.

  • Upon playing a Wall Blast mini-quest for the first time, the gems will be arranged in a specific pattern. The game board will also have a red Flame Gem, and an informative message appears over the gem.
  • Pausing the game during a Wall Blast mini-quest causes the gems to vanish, but they reappear upon resuming the game. This most likely happens to prevent "cheating."

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 壁崩し
Kabe Kuzushi
Break Down the Wall
Spanish Explosión Explosion
French Démolition Demolition
German Mauersprengung Wall Blasting
Italian Demolizione Demolition
Portuguese Expl. de par. Wall Explosion (Expl. and par. are abbreviations of Explosão and parede respectively.)
Chinese 墙壁爆破
Qiángbì Bàopò
Wall Blasting