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"The gem is captured! Match with the trapped gem to remove the Vine!"
— Description from Bejeweled Stars
Orange SkyGem in three-layered Vine

An Orange SkyGem is trapped by three-layered Vine (unused)

Vines is a blocker in Bejeweled Stars. It is similar to the Locked Gem from Bejeweled Twist, but is quite difficult blocker to get rid of, especially when there are lots of them. The blocker looks like vine, with green-color and leafy.

These blockers appear officially as the new element in Level 541 (A Protected Bank).


Vines occupies in a normal gem and get stuck until they cleared. It can be broken by matching gems or special gem's effects. This procedure needs to be repeated as many times as there are layers.

Type of Vines[]

  • One-layer Vines - This be introduced at Level 541. This blocker only takes one match to destroy.
  • Two-layer Vines - This be introduced at Level 610. This blocker takes two matches to destroy.
  • Three-layer Vines - This be introduced at Level 625. This blocker takes three matches to destroy.