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Viceroy VII is the eleventh of Puzzle mode's seventeen planets. It becomes available when any four of Gamma Core's five puzzles have been solved.

Puzzle Mode Tutorial 7

Similar to the puzzles of Tau Heximus, the puzzles of Viceroy VII involve creating and utilizing Power Gems. However, the puzzles of this planet are more difficult and they involve making Power Gems by creating L-shaped matches. A brief tutorial regarding this technique is given upon accessing the planet for the first time. All the puzzles are arranged in various formations and patterns. The fourth and fifth puzzles contain Rocks, and the fourth puzzle contains a Hypercube.

Completing any four of Viceroy VII's five puzzles unlocks access to Sequentus Beta, the next planet in Puzzle mode.


  • This backdrop is the first backdrop that appears when starting a game in the iOS and Android versions of Bejeweled 2 instead of the backdrop seen in Centauri Prime.
  • According to Armands Auseklis, the backdrop's name is "The Rift".[1][2]
    • The render was uploaded to the internet on March 20 and 21, 2003; more than one year before the game's release to retail.


Backdrop Variants[]