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Chuzzle New Trophy

A trophy being awarded.

A trophy is a special award in Chuzzle that can be earned during gameplay by completing various objectives in the game. These objectives include clearing specific numbers of Chuzzles or accomplishing certain tasks in specific game modes. The trophy system behaves very similar to how achievements and trophies are awarded in Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 games respectively. A total of twenty-six different trophies can be earned in Chuzzle.

Chuzzle Trophy Room

The Trophy Room, with no trophies earned.

Trophies that have been awarded can be viewed in the Trophy Room, a sub-menu that can be accessed from the Main Menu screen. Placing the mouse cursor over a trophy in the Trophy Room displays the name of that trophy along with a description regarding how to obtain it. Clicking on a trophy enlarges and places the award in the center of the screen, and clicking on the trophy again returns it to its original position. Clicking on a trophy also reveals the time and date in which the trophy was earned. Trophies that have yet to be received appear in the Trophy Room as faint silhouettes; while clicking on them yields no effect, placing the mouse cursor over them still displays the names of those trophies along with descriptions regarding how to obtain them.

List of trophies

Chuzzle Trophy Room Complete

The Trophy Room, with all trophies earned.

*Required to unlock BeChuzzed.

Names in other languages

Trophy Trophy Room
Language Name Meaning
Japanese トロフィー
Spanish Trofeo Trophy
French Trophée Trophy
German Trophäe Trophy
Italian Trofeo Trophy
Portuguese Troféu Trophy
Language Name Meaning
Japanese トロフィールーム
Torofī Rūmu
Trophy Room
Spanish Sala de trofeos Trophy Room
French Salle des trophées Trophy Room
German Trophäenraum Trophy Room
Italian Sala trofei Trophy Room
Portuguese Sala dos Troféus Trophy Room

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