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Top Secret
Bejeweled 3 Top Secret

Top Secret is an Elite Badge that can be earned in the PC/Mac and Nintendo DS versions of Bejeweled 3.

It is awarded for surpassing the default high scores in all four Secret Modes (Poker, Butterflies, Ice Storm, and Diamond Mine) on the leaderboards. In the Steam version (due to the addition of friend scores), it is instead awarded for surpassing 300,000 points (which is also the default high score) in all the Secret Modes.

The badge is represented by a large purple '1' with a golden ribbon behind it, with both items emitting a yellow glow.


  • In the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Bejeweled 3, Top Secret is replaced by a different badge called Top 40.
  • If a player gets this badge, then deletes their username and creates a new one with the same name, they will then get the achievement under that new username.

Names in other languages[]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トップシークレット
Top Secret
Spanish Ultrasecreto Top Secret
French Top secret Top Secret
German Top Secret Top Secret
Italian Top secret Top Secret
Portuguese Supersecreto Top Secret
Chinese 顶级秘密
Dǐngjí Mìmì
Top Secret