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Timerunner is a custom challenge created by SlinkyCoil, and is the ninth challenge in the Challenge Pack. It becomes available by completing the first puzzle of Doom.

The puzzles of Timerunner involve the completion of various difficult challenges within a 3-minute time limit.

Completing the first puzzle of Timerunner unlocks Frugal, the next challenge in the Challenge Pack.


Name Description
Timerunner 1 Clear 500 gems in 3 minutes
Timerunner 2 Detonate 10 Flame Gems in 3 minutes
Timerunner 3 Get 20 white and 20 blue gems onscreen in 3 minutes
Timerunner 4 Detonate 10 Lightning Gems in 3 minutes
Timerunner 5 Survive 150 turns in 3 minutes
Timerunner 6 Create a x75 chain in 3 minutes
Timerunner 7 Trigger 10 Flame and 10 Lightning gems in 1 move in 3 minutes
Timerunner Eclipse Trigger as many Lightning Gems as you can in 1 move in 3 minutes


  • It is ideal for the player to pick up on common strategies to quickly complete the challenges.


  • Most common strategies when getting a number of two colors onscreen feature a checkerboard. On Timerunner 3, the preserved colors are blue and white, which reference the fifth Gaean Reach puzzle from Bejeweled 2.
  • Timerunner Eclipse is exactly the same as Arsenal Eclipse, however instead of triggering Flame Gems in one move, the player has to trigger Lightning Gems in one move instead.
  • Most copies of the Challenge Pack display "Count" as the objective display title on Timerunner 2 and 4 due to the lack of a counttitle.