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Time Bomb Mode Start

The beginning of a Time Bomb game.

The Chinese version of Bejeweled 3 features two additional game modes that are based on the Time Bomb mini-quests that appear in Quest mode. These game modes are known as Madness Bomb (疯狂炸弹, Fēngkuáng Zhàdàn) and Rapid Bomb (急速炸弹, Jísù Zhàdàn) respectively. Both game modes do not need to be unlocked in order to play them; they can be accessed and played anytime from the game menu. The game modes were created by Bejeweled fans and are not considered as official game modes.


The game starts with one Bomb Gem on the board, set to 60 seconds or 20 moves, depending on which mode the player is playing. As the game wears on the bombs will be dropping more frequently, to the extent that they will drop after every move the player makes. At an arbitrary point the bombs start appearing with 45 seconds/15 moves. In the time-based version 30-second and 15-second bombs will eventually drop if the game is still ongoing, but mysteriously the equivalent doesn't happen in the move-based version (10 moves and 5 moves respectively). The time-based version contains Blazing Speed, which is useful for disarming hard-to-reach bombs. The game ends when a Bomb Gem ticks down to 0. 


Bomb ui
  • Both Time Bomb game modes feature a unique custom-made widget that keeps track of how many Bomb Gems have been cleared during the game.
  • Although these modes don't exist in the English version, an incomplete Time Bomb script can be found in the game files.
  • It is possible to make 10-move and 5-move bombs appear in the move-based version by editing one of the game files. This edit doesn't work to some players however.