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Tau Heximus is the second of Puzzle mode's seventeen planets. It becomes available when any four of Centauri Prime's five puzzles have been solved.

Puzzle Mode Tutorial 2

The puzzles of Tau Heximus introduce Power Gems, and a brief tutorial regarding this type of Special Gem is given upon accessing the planet for the first time. All the puzzles are arranged in various formations and patterns. The first, fourth, and fifth puzzles contain a Power Gem.

Completing any four of Tau Heximus' five puzzles unlocks Ceti Alpha V, the next planet in Puzzle mode.


  • The tutorial that is given upon accessing Tau Heximus for the first time strangely features three blue gems arranged in a column, something that is not possible in normal gameplay.
  • The Tau Heximus backdrop is commonly seen in promotional material for the Bejeweled series, usually seen in box arts, key arts and more.
  • The Tau Heximus backdrop is the main background and visual used for some ports of Bejeweled, most notably the iPod and Java releases.
  • According to Armands Auseklis, the name of this planet's backdrop is "2nd Curve of Cold".[1]



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