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Sweet Tooth To Go is a tile match-3 game developed by PopCap Games and published by under the Pogo To Go brand. It is a modified re-release of Bejeweled Deluxe featuring a completely new theme centering around candies instead of gems, with a few other additions. Despite the visual makeover, the game plays identically to its original counterpart.


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As a reskinned version of Bejeweled, Sweet Tooth To Go plays identically to its original counterpart. However, several quality-of-life changes have been made, alongside the reskin.

Differences from Bejeweled Deluxe[]

  • The game's visuals and sound effects have been completely redone. The game now has a focus on candies and sweets, and features a recurring tooth character.
    • The gems have been replaced with candies, including: a chocolate square, a striped spiral sweet, a jelly bean, a gummy bear, a green donut, a candy corn and a chocolate kisses bag.
    • The sound effects now resemble effects related to eating.
    • The announcer has been replaced by a recurring tooth character, which also speaks.
    • The level up transition has been aesthetically changed to resemble a wrapper peeling off instead of the game board burning down.
  • An Endless game mode has been added, and plays like the Untimed mode, but allows infinite play. When no moves are possible, the current game board discards for a new game board, similar to the Timed mode.
  • Normal is referred as the Untimed Game while Time Trial is referred as the Timed Game.
  • An auto-hint function has been added to the game, which displays a free hint that does not deduct points if the player cannot find a match within 15 seconds of the last match.
  • A main menu screen has been added, which displays once the game is started up. It features buttons to start the Untimed, Timed and Endless game modes, alongside buttons to view high scores, view contest progress and quitting to Windows.
    • With the main menu screen, it is no longer possible to change game modes during gameplay.
    • It is now possible to save games for multiple game modes instead of a single game save.
    • The Quit button on the game screen now brings the player back to the main menu screen instead of closing the game.
  • The game features a token system originally meant for a contest, which is no longer active.



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