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Bejeweled 3 Superstar

Superstar is an Elite Badge that can be earned in Bejeweled 3. It is awarded for creating a Supernova Gem in any game mode.

The badge that represents Superstar is a picture of a large five-pointed star with many other stars emitting from it.


  • If the player has not earned this badge yet, the mouse-over description will read: " Match 6+ gems in a row to earn the badge ", instead of reading: " Create a Supernova Gem to earn the badge " . But after the player has earned the badge, it will read: " Created a Supernova Gem ". A likely reason of this is because the player may have never heard of a " Supernova Gem ", thus the player won't know how to create one to earn the badge.

Names in other languages[]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ジェムスーパースター
Jemu Sūpāsutā
Gem Superstar
Spanish Superestrella Superstar
French Superstar Superstar
German Superstar Superstar
Italian Superstar Superstar
Portuguese Superestrela Superstar
Chinese 超级新星
Chāojí Xīnxīng
Super Nova