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"Created by matching 6+ gems in a row, this powerful gem explodes with the force of a million suns when matched."
Bejeweled Twist & Bejeweled 3, mouseover description

Supernova Gem is a type of Special Gem that appears in the Bejeweled series, first appearing in Bejeweled Twist. It is a powerful gem that combines the effects of the Flame and Lightning/Star Gems.


In Bejeweled Twist and in the Twist Mode of Bejeweled Blitz LIVE, a Supernova Gem is a gem surrounded by blistering white-hot energy as a combined appearance of a Flame Gem and either a Lightning Gem. Flames and Lightning energy surround the gem with an orange aura surrounding the gem.

In the mobile version, it appears as a Lightning Gem with two glowing electron shells around.

In Bejeweled 3, the lightning effects and an orange aura are discarded over the effects of the Star Gem, where it also has a noticeable blue tint to its flame due of the star.


It is created when six or more (up to eight) gems are matched in a row, which is only possible during cascades or through special methods that allow the player to rapidly move multiple gems at once. When detonated, it explodes in a 3x3 radius as well as its rows and columns. However, if it is detonated at the edges or corners of the board, it will only shoot out two rows of lightning in one or both directions.

While creating this Special Gem is mostly luck-based, it is possible to create this Special Gem at the player's will with the "matchless move" mechanic on Bejeweled Twist and Bejeweled Blitz LIVE at a risk of reducing the Chain Meter and/or the Score Multiplier (when available) and consuming time especially on either of the Blitz modes.


  • A supernova is the explosion of a very large star, in which that the star may reach a maximum intrinsic luminosity one billion times that of the Sun.
  • In Bejeweled Twist; if the player matches this gem on Arsenal, it counts as both creating a Flame Gem and a Lightning Gem. It also counts as a Flame or Lightning Gem in Firestorm and Voltage. Respectively, it also appears in Enigma's eclipse, challenging the player to detonate as many of these as possible in 3 minutes.
  • The Bejeweled Twist and Bejeweled Blitz LIVE variant of the Supernova Gem has bright, orange concentric solid circles that expand outwards from the gem itself.
  • In Bejeweled Stars, a six-gem match instead creates a Darksphere. The Supernova Gem is completely absent from the game. Its effect (explode in a 3x3 radius as well its rows and columns) can be recreated by swapping two star gems together.
  • Supernova Gem doesn't appear in Bejeweled LIVE and the web versions of Bejeweled 3 and Twist. Instead, it creates a Lightning Gem (Bejeweled Twist) or a Hypercube (Bejeweled 3 and Bejeweled LIVE) instead.
  • Supernova Gem only appears in the Twist mode Bejeweled Blitz LIVE. In Classic, matching 6 or more gems in a row will creates a Hypercube instead. However, the sound effect of the creation of a Supernova Gem, despite forming a Hypercube, can still be heard.
  • In Bejeweled 3 and Bejeweled Classic, when a Supernova Gem is created, the sound effect will play both creating a Flame Gem and a Star Gem at the same time.
  • In Bejeweled 3 and Bejeweled Classic, creating a Supernova Gem for the first time will give the player the Elite "Superstar" badge.

Names in other languages[]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スーパーノヴァ
Spanish Joya supernova Supernova Jewel
French Gemme supernova Supernova Gem
German Supernova Supernova
Italian Gemma Supernova (Bejeweled Twist)
Supernova (Bejeweled 3)
Supernova Gem
Portuguese Pedra supernova (Bejeweled Twist)
Supernova (Bejeweled 3)
Supernova Stone
Chinese 超新星宝石
Chāoxīnxīng Bǎoshí
Supernova Gem


Sound Description
A Supernova Gem detonated from Twist


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