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Super Spawn is a boost in Bejeweled Blitz released in May 9, 2022. It is a red, irregular enneagonal gemstone, and its symbol is a blue gem with a lightning bolt in its center, similar to the Rarifier boost.

To unlock, the player must get top 10 in 30 Blitz Champion Contests. The player can also unlock Super Spawn, regardless of version, by purchasing it for 16,000 Shards.

When activated, similar to the Rarifier boost, 6 random gems will transform to the Rare Gems as the player equipped and giving a score bonus.

Like the Rarifier boost, Super Spawn could only be used with certain Rare Gems that replaces a gem colour to the rare gems equipped, attempting to use this boost with incompatible Rare Gem or without any Rare Gem equipped will bring out a warning dialogue.

Super Spawn cannot be used with the following Rare Gems:


Gem2 We need more Gems to level-up. Gem3

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