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Strategy is a custom challenge created by SlinkyCoil, and is the seventh challenge in the Challenge Pack. It becomes available by completing the first puzzle of Compact.

The puzzles of Strategy involve the completion of various difficult, untimed challenges.

Completing the first puzzle of Strategy unlocks Doom, the next challenge in the Challenge Pack.


Name Description
Strategy 1 Make 8 matches in 1 move
Strategy 2 Clear 100 gems in 25 moves without using any Flame or Lightning
Strategy 3 Create 5 Flame Gems in 1 move without using any Lightning
Strategy 4 Create an x8 cascade
Strategy 5 Clear 50 gems in 10 moves
Strategy 6 Create 5 Lightning Gems in 1 move without using any Flame or Lightning
Strategy 7 Match all gem colors in a row in ascending order
Strategy Eclipse Make the biggest cascade possible in 1 move


  • The planet that represents Strategy resembles the planet Neptune.
  • The eclipse is the same as Gem Fall, albeit untimed which gives the player the freedom to make huge cascades.
  • During the eclipse, the game will end once the player makes at least a 4x cascade.
  • The challenge's visualizer, VizZenWheels, is the Zen mode visualizer. With every restart, the two backdrops shown on the visualizer are randomized.