Stratamax Planet
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Stratamax is the eighth challenge in Challenge mode. It becomes available by completing the first puzzle of Firestorm.

The puzzles of Stratamax involve clearing specific numbers of gems within given move limits.

Completing the first puzzle of Stratamax unlocks Arsenal, the next challenge in Challenge mode.


Puzzle Objective
Stratamax 1 Clear 70 gems within twenty moves.
Stratamax 2 Clear 90 gems within twenty moves.
Stratamax 3 Clear 110 gems within twenty-five moves.
Stratamax 4 Clear 140 gems within thirty moves.
Stratamax 5 Clear 170 gems within thirty-five moves.
Stratamax 6 Clear 200 gems within forty moves.
Stratamax 7 Clear 300 gems within fifty moves.
Stratamax Eclipse Clear as many gems as possible within fifty moves.


  • Stratamax is not a real word, which makes this challenge the only one that has a made-up name. The name, however, is most likely a portmanteau of the words "strategy" and "maximum".
  • This and Survivor are the only challenges that:
    • Have Eclipse puzzles that are not required to be completed within a time limit which also allow progress to be saved and resumed whenever.
    • In the PC and Mac versions of the Bejeweled Twist, they used the same music that is unique in which performing moves increases the tempo and adds more instrumentation: when you start moving, the tempo increases, and when there are 4 or less moves left, more instrumentation is added.
  • According to early screenshots of Bejeweled Twist, the challenge title of Stratamax in the PC and Mac versions of the game was originally orange.

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