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Stone levels are one of the seven level types in Bejeweled Stars, along with Collect gem level, Detonated level, Crystal level, Butterflies level, Gravel level and Multitask level. Stone levels are the sixth level type introduced in the game. They first appear in Level 27.


To complete stone levels, the player must remove all the stone on the board. It can be destroyed by special gems detonating or using power-ups.

In Level 44, Two-layered Stone are introduced. They now take 2 hits to destroy.

In Level 236, Three-layered Stone are introduced. They now take 3 hits to destroy.

Special gems and power-ups are only capable of break off a single layer at a time, although with combinations can become an ease.


Stone levels are complicated to complete because the stone can only be destroyed by special gems or certain power-ups.

If stone tiles are present at the edge of the board, especially top and narrow areas, clearing them becomes an issue since due to gems falling downwards. However, star gems and hypercubes with the Detonator makes this task easier.

Combination of special gems can clear stone tile quickly and effectively. Combining star gems with hypercubes is recommended due to the high chain. This method is fastest to complete the mission.