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"Zzzzzap! Match this Star Gem to blast gems off the board in the shape of a cross!"
— Description from Bejeweled Stars
Bejeweled 3 star gem
Appearance(s): Bejeweled Blitz
Bejeweled 3
Bejeweled Live
(Bejeweled Live +)
Bejeweled (HTML)
Bejeweled Classic
Bejeweled Stars
"Created by making two intersecting matches. Match it to fire lightning 4 ways!"
Bejeweled Blitz PC version and "Bejeweled 3", mouseover description

Star Gem is a type of Special Gem that appears in the Bejeweled series that was first appeared in the 2010 update of Bejeweled Blitz. It is the successor of the Lightning Gem from Bejeweled Twist with a redesigned star-like appearance and a different method of creating it, for consistency with the Hypercube that also appeared in the games that it appeared on.


It is created by making two intersecting matches (in a "T", "L", or "+" shape). When detonated, it destroys all gems and detonates Special Gems along with its horizontal and vertical axes.

Combination effects

In Bejeweled Stars, this Special Gem can be swapped with other Special Gems in order to produce the following effects:

  • Star Gem: Destroys all gems in a 3x3 area along with its rows and columns, similar to the Supernova Gem.
  • Flame Gem: Detonates themselves in the same swap end location.
  • Hypercube: Detonates the swapped Star Gem as well as turning all normal gems into Star Gems and detonating any special gem of the same color.
  • DarkSphere: Detonates the swapped Star Gems as well as turning all normal gems into Hypercubes and detonating any special gem of the same color.


  • The color of a Star Gem's lightning when matched is the same as its gem color.
  • A yellow, an orange, a green and a white Star Gem's own color is slightly darked than other colors.
  • The blurb that states that it sends lightning in four different ways is not necessarily true. The player can make a Star Gem in the top right corner and if it is triggered while in the same place, it will send lightning in two ways. If a Star Gem is triggered at the top or bottom row or a side, it will send lightning in three ways.
  • It is part of the appearance of a Supernova Gem on the games it appeared on aside from Bejeweled Stars (with a Flame Gem as the other).
  • The sound effect of the Star Gem in Bejeweled Classic is different from Bejeweled 3.
  • Whenever a Star Gem is detonated in Bejeweled Stars, the gems in its path will thrown off the board.
  • In Bejeweled Stars, Star Gem can also be spawned on the game board by using the Star Swapper, Starwhal and Mystery Gem power.
  • In Bejeweled Blitz, Star Gem can also be spawned on the game board by using the Mystery Gem boost or activating the Moonstone Rare Gem.
  • In the audio game files of the PC version of Bejeweled Blitz and Bejeweled 3, Star Gem also known as Laser Gem.
  • When making two intersecting matches, it will make two star gems, and when making four, it will make four star gems and so on.
  • The white star gem blast is a little bit more brighter than the other colors.

Names in other languages[]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スタージェム
Sutā Jemu
Star Gem
Spanish Joya estelar Stellar Jewel
French Gemme étoile Star Gem
German Sternstein Star Stone
Italian Gemma stella Star Gem
Portuguese Pedra estelar Stellar Stone
Chinese 闪电宝石
Shǎndiàn Bǎoshí
Lightning Gem


Bejeweled 3[]

Sound Description
A Star Gem being made
A Star Gem detonated

Bejeweled Classic[]

Sound Description
A Star Gem being made. Note that the sound is more surging than the original sound from Bejeweled 3.
A Star Gem detonated. Note that the star gem explosion has more of a surging and combusting noise rather than a zapping noise.