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The Spider Gem is a character that appears in Bejeweled 3 and it's re-releases. It is the main antagonist of the game's Butterflies game mode and mini-quest.

The Spider Gem awaits at the top of the game board, awaiting to get its hands on a Butterfly, which will end the game.


The Spider Gem is a black-colored creature, with eight sharp claws. Its face resembles a green gem, with it's neck and body being composed of parts similar to that of the Blue Gem. Additionally, the Spider Gem's body has a red, crystal-like bowtie on it.


Bejeweled 3[]

The Spider Gem seeks to capture the Butterflies that appear on the top of the board. The Spider Gem resides on a cobweb positioned on the top of the board and switches positions on the board in order capture the highest Butterfly on the game board. If a Spider Gem captures a Butterfly, the game ends.

Names in Other Languages[]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クモの宝石
Kumo no hōseki
Spider jewel
Spanish Gema Araña Spider Gem
French Gemme d'araignée Spider gem
Chinese 蜘蛛宝石
Zhīzhū bǎoshí
Spider gem