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Snackers is a character that appears in the Bejeweled series. Snackers is a cat who has the ability to shoot lasers out of her eyes that cause explosions. As a cat, Snackers also tends to do cat-like activities. Snackers lives in a house with Anchovy.

Snackers is based on Snackers, the late[1] cat of Bejeweled series designer Jason Kapalka. The cat first appeared as an easter egg in Bejeweled Twist, and made her full debut in Bejeweled Blitz, as one of the cats that appears in the Cat's Eye rare gem in the Facebook version. Snackers, along with Anchovy, appears in the web series Snackers and Anchovy.


Snackers is a female cat. She has a combination of black, brown and tan colored fur. Her eyes are yellow, with her pupils being green-colored. Snackers wears a belt-like collar. As Snackers appears as a regular cat, she does not wear any clothes.

In Snackers and Anchovy, her face and paws are enlarged and become exaggerated. Snackers usually tends to have a massive smile in the series.


In video games[]

Bejeweled Twist[]

Snackers appears as an easter egg. When it occurs, Coal will be replaced with static heads of Snackers.

During the transition after completing a level, a static head of Snackers may appear in the flying saucer.

Bejeweled Blitz[]

Cat's Eye features the appearance of Snackers' head encased in amber. In the Facebook version, after the Last Hurrah, Snackers' head drops down and shoots out laser beams from her eyes at the game board.

In other media[]

Snackers appears alongside Anchovy in the webseries Snackers and Anchovy. Snackers is typically seen doing normal activities with Anchovy, and does his job as being the cat that appears in Bejeweled Blitz's Cat's Eye finisher.