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"Collect these mighty SkyGems to create Powers!"
— Description from Bejeweled Stars
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An Orange SkyGem on the game board

SkyGems are gems from Bejeweled Stars which are used to make various Powers or items in the PowerLab.


Bejeweled Stars SkyGems

All 7 SkyGems

There are 7 different types, each to represent the color of the original gems, but they have their own unique shapes.

The Red SkyGem resembles a flame. In constellations, Red SkyGem also known as Scarlet Fire.

The Orange SkyGem resembles a sun.

The Yellow SkyGem resembles a crescent moon.

The Green SkyGem resembles a leaf.

The Blue SkyGem resembles a water wave.

The Purple SkyGem resembles a tulip.

The White SkyGem resembles a 6-point star. In constellations, White SkyGem also known as Ivory Bloom.

SkyGems acts like normal gems, they can be collected by matching with their corresponding colors on normal levels. Besides, they can be collected by playing the Daily Challenges, events, or harvesting them from Henrietta the Surprise Chicken. The rarest of them is Yellow and Orange, which are labelled as "Rare".

In gameplay, they will spawn randomly on the board, even when the remaining gem colors cannot present.

Rate to appear[]

Colors Rate
Red 40%
Orange 10%
Yellow 20%
Green 30%
Blue 70%
Purple 60%
White 50%


  • When looked at closely, the player can see the spark of small gems appear on its own.
  • (Fact Check This?) Any color skygem can appear in a level, even if the color is not present in the level.
  • SkyGems also appear on constellations.
  • Sometimes they can spawn two, three, or repeatly.
  • The text "You won a Orange SkyGem!" instead of "You won an Orange SkyGem!" when collected by bronze egg from Daily Challenge is false.


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