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The Skull Coin is an aspect of gameplay only found in Poker in Bejeweled 3. It also appears in the Bejeweled 3D slot machine in the castle and ice wheel bonuses.


In Bejeweled 3's Poker Mode, if a hand is made that is marked by a Skull, the Skull Coin appears.

The coin features two sides. On one side, there is a clover, on the other side, there is a skull. If the Coin lands on a clover, the player is 'safe' and gameplay continues. However, if it hits a skull, the game is over.

As the game continues, the chance of being safe exponentially decreases with every flip, as the game mechanics increasingly favors the Skull with each flip.

The Bejeweled 3D slot machine has a different implementation of the Skull Coin.

In the regular bonuses, coins/tokens with skulls & clovers appear. In the Castle Bonus skull & clover tokens can be found by causing a gem in the round. On the Ice Wheel bonus, Skull Coins are placed on the wheel.

In the castle Skull tokens are strikes if player gets 3 of them the bonus will end, the clover tokens are an immunity the player can obtain 3 of them, they will ever remove a skull token from the board if there are any, if there’s no skull tokens the clover token will remain on the board until a skull token is chosen.

In the ice wheel bonus skull tokens can be obtained on the wheel of it lands on one, they will also end the bonus however the player will only get single the credit for them.

Names in other languages[]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドクロコイン
Dokuro Koin
Skull Coin
Spanish Moneda calavera Skull Coin
French Pièce crâne Skull Piece
(A piece is a coin valued at less than the principal unit of currency)
German Schädelmünze Skull Coin
Italian Moneta fatale Fatal Coin
Portuguese Moeda Caveira Skull Coin
Chinese 骷髅硬币
Kūlóu Yìngbì
Skull Coin