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This page is about the Power in Bejeweled Stars. For the Boost in Bejeweled Blitz, see Scrambler (Boost).
Unlocked: Beating Level 21

Scrambler (Power) is a power in Bejeweled Stars that is unlocked in Level 21. It remixes the board once.

You can create this power from the PowerLab. It requires 7 Blue Sky Gems and 9 Purple SkyGems, taking 15 mins to make. 


This is power that the player can use to rearranges all the gems when you are get trouble to making a match. It is activated by selecting on the board.

It is recommended to use this power, as they will increase the possible matches to pass the level quickly.

See also[]

  • Scrambler, a similar power that appear in Bejeweled Blitz.