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Rarifier is a Boost in Bejeweled Blitz released on July 16, 2018. It is a dark red, irregular enneagonal gemstone, and its symbol is a blue gem with a plus sign (+) in its center.

To unlock Rarifier, the player must upgrade five Boosts to LVL 5 in the Facebook version or play 100 Blitz Champions contests in the iOS/Android version. If the player fulfills the prerequisite in one version, the Boost will also become available to them in the other. The player can also unlock Rarifier, regardless of version, by purchasing it for 10,000 Gold Bars, a method introduced on September 24, 2018.

Rarifier could only be used with Rare Gems that replaces a gem colour, attempting to use this boost with incompatible Rare Gem or without any Rare Gem equipped will bring out a warning dialogue.


LVL Cooldown Upgrade cost Upgrade reward
1 0:30 Shard icon 500 Diamond icon 2
2 0:28 Shard icon 1,000
3 0:26 Shard icon 1,500
4 0:24 Diamond icon 10 Goldbar icon 1,000
5 0:20 Shard icon 5,000 Diamond icon 4
6 0:18 Shard icon 7,500
7 0:16 Diamond icon 25 Goldbar icon 2,500
8 0:12 Shard icon 12,500 Diamond icon 8
9 0:10 Shard icon 15,000
10 0:08 Diamond icon 50 Goldbar icon 5,000
Max 0:05



Rarifying wo Rare Gem

Attempting to use Rarifier with no Rare Gem equipped brings this warning dialogue.

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Rarifier with incompatible RG

Using Rarifier with incompatible Rare Gem brings up this warning dialogue.