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"Beautiful RainDeer Gems destroy up to 3 cells below them when matched with any Blue Gems!"
— Description from Bejeweled Stars
DewDrop graphic
Appearance(s): Bejeweled Stars

RainDeer Gem (also known as DewDrop Gem) is a type of special gem that appears in Bejeweled Stars. They appear after using the RainDeer power.


The apperance of a DewDrop gem is similar to that of a blue gem, difference being, a DewDrop gem will be sparkly and produces raindrops. When activated, the DewDrop produces rain that wipes out anything in the 1 by 3 line (if counting a DewDrop gem it would be a 1 by 4), this will also cause the entire board to tilt at any angle. When a player completes a level, RainDeer will rain down the board again, causing the same effect as before. Unlike other special gems, when a Hypercube is swapped with a DewDrop, it will produce the same effect as wiping out all gems of that same color.