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QMP3 was released for Bejeweled 3 on May 12, 2012. There are no cascading difficulties like there are in QMP2, featured more hybrids and the "boss quests" listed above.

Relics and mini-quests[]

Relics Associated mini-quests
QMP3 Relic 1

Relic 1

QMP3 Relic 2

Relic 2

QMP3 Relic 3

Relic 3

  • Alchemy V
  • Wall Blast IV
  • Poker V
  • Butterflies VII
  • Avalanche VIII
  • Gold Rush VI
  • Poker VI
  • Buried Treasure IV
QMP3 Relic 4

Relic 4

  • Gold Rush VII
  • Butterflies VIII
  • Alchemy VI
  • Avalanche IX
  • Ice Storm V
  • Poker VII
  • Poker VIII
  • Wall Blast V
QMP3 Relic 5

Relic 5

  • Balance VI
  • Sandstorm IV
  • Alchemy VII
  • Wall Blast VI
  • Gold Rush VIII
  • Poker IX
  • Butterflies IX
  • Ice Storm VI


  • Poker is the only mini-quest that appear 2 times in Relic 3 and 4.
  • Butterflies is the only mini-quest that appear in all Relics.