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"Clear all gems to solve puzzles."
— Game menu description from Bejeweled 2

Puzzle, also known as Puzzle Mode, is one of the nine playable game modes in Bejeweled 2.


Puzzle Mode Tutorial 1

A tutorial explaining the objective of Puzzle mode.

Puzzle mode involves exploring a fictional galaxy that is composed of seventeen different worlds. The objective of the game mode is to travel from each world and reach the seventeenth world by completing puzzles in which the goal of these is to clear every gem from the board. Each world, except for the seventeenth one, features five puzzles that focus on specific gameplay concepts, such as using certain Special Gems or swapping gems into unoccupied spaces of the board.

Puzzle Mode Galaxy Map

The Galaxy Map, with only the first planet available.

When Puzzle mode is played for the first time, only the first world and all five of its puzzles are available. In order to access the other worlds, at least four puzzles of the preceding world must be completed (solving all five puzzles of a world is optional). In the top-left corner of the screen is a widget that displays the puzzles of a world, which are indicated by circular icons called puzzle pods. When a puzzle is completed, the pod of that puzzle merges into the central part of the widget. When four puzzles of a world have been solved, the center of the widget transforms into a button that allows entry to the next world. The widget also features a button that shows the Galaxy Map, a mini-map that displays all the worlds of Puzzle mode. This can be used for backtracking and traveling to any unlocked/previously explored worlds.

If no more valid moves can be made while solving a puzzle, a unique "UNDO" button—which is displayed in the bottom-left corner of the screen—can be used to reverse any progress made during that puzzle by one move. Clicking on the button enough times will reset the puzzle to its original state, something that can also be done by clicking on the puzzle's corresponding puzzle pod. If a puzzle becomes too difficult to solve manually, the Hint button can be utilized to reveal the solution of the puzzle through a step-by-step process.

The puzzles of Puzzles mode can be completed as many times as desired, even after they have been solved. However, completing puzzles subsequent times after the first yields no reward of any kind.

Puzzle Mode Ending Face

The face that appears during the cutscene.

Upon reaching the seventeenth world, a cutscene occurs where numerous gems of all types drop from the top of the screen into certain positions. Lines then connect to all the gems and the screen flashes brightly, revealing a polygonal face with a Hypercube in the center of its forehead. The face animates and briefly congratulates the player by saying "excellent" (said in the same style as "The Voice"). The face then vanishes and the credits of Bejeweled 2 appear. If all the puzzles have been solved, a notification informing that Cognito mode has been unlocked will pop up after the credits finish rolling.



  • Puzzle mode is the only game mode in Bejeweled 2 that does not implement a scoring system of any kind.
  • The name of the file where the puzzles are stored in the game files in called Galaxy One, suggesting that at one point in development there was more than one galaxy to visit
  • The fifth puzzle in Gaean Reach is the only puzzle where the Hint button does not yield any possible moves due to multiple solutions existing.
  • During the ending credits of Puzzle mode, Bejeweled 3 is teased.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Puzzle Puzzle
French Puzzle Puzzle
German Rätsel Enigma (Can also mean "mystery", "puzzle", "riddle", etc.)
Italian Puzzle Puzzle
Portuguese Quebra-cabeça Puzzle


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