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Preserver is the sixth challenge in Challenge mode. It becomes available by completing the first puzzle of Gem Fall.

The puzzles of Preserver involve keeping specific numbers of different gem types on the game board at the same time. The challenge's Eclipse puzzle features a different goal, which involves clearing as many gems except a particular type as possible within a given time limit.

Completing the first puzzle of Preserver unlocks Firestorm, the next challenge in Challenge mode.


Puzzle Objective
Preserver 1 Have 15 green gems on the game board.
Preserver 2 Have 20 red gems on the game board.
Preserver 3 Have 25 blue gems on the game board.
Preserver 4 Have 15 white gems and 15 red gems on the game board.
Preserver 5 Have 30 yellow gems on the game board.
Preserver 6 Have 20 red gems and 20 blue gems on the game board.
Preserver 7 Have 15 green gems, 15 red gems and 15 blue gems on the game board.
Preserver Eclipse Clear as many non-green gems as possible within three minutes.


  • Orange and violet are the only gem types that are not required to be kept in any of Preserver's puzzles.
  • According to early screenshots of Bejeweled Twist, Preserver was originally the fourth challenge.
  • The Bejeweled Twist README file contains two mistakes about Preserver's puzzles:
    • The description of the challenge's Eclipse puzzle mentions that the type of gem that must not be cleared is violet, which is the wrong gem type.
    • The type of gem that is required to be kept in the challenge's third puzzle is not mentioned; the description simply reads, "Keep 25 gems onscreen at the same time." This mistake, however, does not exist in the Italian and Japanese versions of the README file.
      • In the Spanish version of the README file, the description of the challenge's third puzzle instead mentions that red gems are required to be kept, which is the wrong type of gem.

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