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This page is about the mini-quest. For the game mode, see Poker (game mode).
Poker (mini-quest)
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Poker is a type of mini-quest featured in Quest.


Poker Help

A dialog box providing information about the first Poker mini-quest.

In the Poker mini-quests, beside the game board is a score table and a pack of blank playing cards. Upon making a match, a card turns over with an image of the gem type that was matched on it. After creating five matches, the resulting hand is evaluated and its corresponding point value is added to the score. Another five cards are then dealt from the deck and the process starts over. The goal of each mini-quest is to earn a specific number of points within ten hands each.

During each Poker mini-quest, Hypercubes fall into the game board every now and then.


Further information: List of poker hands in Bejeweled 3

The Poker mini-quests are the only ones in Quest that incorporate a scoring system. It functions the same way as it does in Poker mode in which creating poker hands rewards points.

In addition, it is possible to earn bonus points in the Poker mini-quests by creating Special Gems. Making Flame Gems create flaming cards worth 50 extra points, and making Star Gems create sparkling cards worth 100 extra points. Making Supernova Gems creates sparkling cards as well. Making Hypercubes does not reward bonus points, but doing so instead creates wild cards that adjust themselves to produce the best possible outcomes.


Mini-quest Associated Relic Description
Relic 1 The goal of this mini-quest is to earn 3000 points (2500 in DS) within ten hands.
Poker II
Poker II
Relic 3 The goal of this mini-quest is to earn 3500 points (3000 in DS) within ten hands.
Poker III
Poker III
Relic 5 The goal of this mini-quest is earn 4000 points (3500 in DS) within ten hands.


  • Cascades do not turn over cards.
  • Making two simultaneous matches creates a wild card that adjusts itself between the two gem types cleared.
  • Matching a Hypercube with another creates a wild card.


  • In the Nintendo DS version, when playing the final hand, instead of the waste deck displaying "Last Hand" like other versions, the waste deck still display remaining cards and the word "0 Left" in it.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ポーカー
Spanish Póquer Poker
French Poker Poker
German Poker Poker
Italian Poker Poker
Portuguese Pôquer Poker
Chinese 牌局
Pái Jú

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