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DijRem octa
Appearance(s): Dijeweled Remastered

Octanova Gem is a type of special gem that only appears in Dijeweled Remastered.


Octanova Gem is a gem surrounded by blistering white-hot energy as a combined appearance of lightning effect and white-blue aura.


It is created when 8 gems are matched in a row, which is only possible during cascades or through special methods that allow the player to rapidly move multiple gems at once. When detonated, it will destroy all the whole board. It also doesn't happen if it is detonated at the edges or corners of the board.

It is possible to create this Special Gem at the player's will with the "matchless move" mechanic on Arcade, Twist, and Swift at a risk of reducing the Chain Meter and/or the Score Multiplier (when available) and consuming time especially on either of the Blitz modes.

It also possible to create this Special Gem in Zenify from Zen mode and Zenifier from Quest.


  • Octanova Gem is the most destructive gems in the game. The next second destructive is Septanova Gem.
  • Octanova Gem is the most complicated to create because the gems can only be created during cascades in certain gamemodes.