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Nightrunner is a custom challenge created by SlinkyCoil. If the user is playing through the SlinkyCoil Singles Challenge Pack, Nightrunner is the second challenge and is unlocked after completing the first level of Scrap Gang.

The puzzles of Nightrunner incorporate base-game Eclipse challenges and enforce a difficult goal.


Name Description
Nightrunner 1 Score 3,500 points in 1 move in 3 minutes
Nightrunner 2 Make 10 violet matches in a row in 3 minutes
Nightrunner 3 Destroy 35 coals in 3 minutes
Nightrunner 4 Create a x8 cascade in 3 minutes
Nightrunner 5 Clear 150 non-green gems in 3 minutes
Nightrunner 6 Explode 24 Flame Gems in 1 move in 3 minutes
Nightrunner 7 Detonate 10 Supernovas in 3 minutes
Nightrunner Eclipse Clear as many white gems as you can in 3 minutes without using any Flame or Lightning


  • The name of the challenge is a reference to the Eclipse mode's old name "Nightmode"
  • The old Eclipse level was to "make as many blue-white matches in a row as you can in 3 minutes," however this was moved to Patterns.