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Mystery is a Boost in the Facebook and mobile versions of Bejeweled Blitz.

Each time the player makes a match throughout a game with Mystery equipped, the Boost may turn a random basic gem into a Flame Gem, Star Gem, or Hypercube. The likelihood in which Mystery does so varies depending on the Boost's level, ranging from twenty percent at LVL 1 to fifty percent at Max LVL. Upgrades increase the probability by two percent, and Super Upgrades increase it by six percent. The first Super Upgrade, however, increases the probability by four percent, instead.


LVL Chance Upgrade cost Upgrade reward
1 20% Shard icon 500 Diamond icon 2
2 22% Shard icon 1,000
3 24% Shard icon 1,500
4 26% Diamond icon 10 Goldbar icon 1,000
5 30% Shard icon 5,000 Diamond icon 4
6 32% Shard icon 7,500
7 34% Diamond icon 25 Goldbar icon 2,500
8 40% Shard icon 12,500 Diamond icon 8
9 42% Shard icon 15,000
10 44% Diamond icon 50 Goldbar icon 5,000
Max 50%

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Joya misteriosa[1] Mysterious Gem
French Mystère[2] Mystery
German Überraschungsstein[3] Surprise Gem
Italian Gemma misteriosa[4] Mysterious Gem
Portuguese Misteriosa[5] Mystery

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