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Unlocked: Beating Level 146

Moustache is a power in Bejeweled Stars that is unlocked in Level 146. It adds a moustache to every normal gem on the board of the selected color, increasing its point value and making it easier to three-star a level.


This is power that the player can use to increase score by on any color of gems on board what you want. A moustache will appear on all gems of the color selected. It is activated by selecting a gem on the board, it will turn all gems of that color into moustache gems.

When you make match or clear moustache gems, the score increase 30% more than normal. The power useful boost score for collect more stars.

It is recommended to use if this level has few special tiles (Blackhole, Glaciers) or Gravel because gems on the board are be few and obstruct to make match with the gems. Special gems're effect helpful clear moustache gems. There is be increased score more and more.

If you want to create them for using, you can create at Power Lab. The players must have Skygems as follow, 1 Blue, 5 Purple and 1 Green and takes 10 minutes to make or you can skip the waiting by using 8 coins.