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Mind Bender
Mind Bender Level 1 Puzzle 1
In-game music
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"Puzzle your Chuzzles until they match!"
Chuzzle, Main Menu description

Mind Bender is a game mode in Chuzzle.


Mind Bender is different from the other game modes in Chuzzle, as it does not revolve around forming groups of same-colored Chuzzles. Instead, the goal of Mind Bender is to solve puzzles by arranging Chuzzles so that they match specific patterns. The game mode includes twenty levels that have five puzzles each.

In addition to the dissimilar gameplay elements, Mind Bender does not incorporate a scoring system and provide hints of any kind. Rainbow Chuzzles and Puzzle Locks do not appear in this game mode, and it is not possible to create Super Chuzzles. It is also not possible to clear Chuzzles from the game board. Similar to Zen Chuzzle, it is not possible to start a new game in Mind Bender.

Upon accessing Mind Bender for the first time, only the first level and all its puzzles are available. Solving any three of level 1's puzzles unlocks level 2, solving any three of level 2's puzzles unlocks level 3, and so forth. Completing all five puzzles of a level is optional, but it is required for obtaining certain trophies. Beside the game board are buttons along with the puzzle's arrangement that must be matched. Selecting a circular button presents the puzzle corresponding to the pattern on that button. Selecting the button of a puzzle when that puzzle is active restarts the puzzle. It is possible to choose a different puzzle while one is already active, but doing so resets the abandoned puzzle. The star-shaped buttons allow advancing and backtracking between levels.

Solving a puzzle places a green check mark over the corresponding button of that puzzle. After completing a puzzle, it is possible to replay it as many times as desired. However, solving puzzles again yields no effect or reward of any kind.

Upon reaching level 20, an extra level represented by a question mark is revealed. Completing any three puzzles of level 20 unlocks access to the mysterious level, which is actually a bonus screen. When this screen is accessed, the only way to return to the actual game mode is via the Menu button.


Trophy Name Description
T21 Puzzler Reach level 10 in Mind Bender.
T22 Psychic Solve every puzzle of levels 1 through 10 in Mind Bender.
T23 Mentalist Master Reach level 20 in Mind Bender.
T24 Mentalist Supremo Solve every puzzle in Mind Bender.


  • The placement of the Mind Bender UI (such as the circular and star-shaped buttons) vary among the different versions of Chuzzle.


  • Several puzzle patterns, particularly those in levels 9 and 11, resemble national flags.
  • Behind the Chuzzles on the game board is a faint yellow star.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese パズルモード
Pazuru Mōdo
マインドベンダー (README file)
Maindo Bendā
Puzzle Mode

Mind Bender
Spanish Modo Diablo Devil Mode
French Casse-tête Brain Teaser (Can also mean "puzzle", "headache", "baffling problem", etc.)
German Denkdämon Thinking Demon
Italian Rompicapo Puzzle
Portuguese Quebra-Cabeça Puzzle


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