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Matchmaker is a Boost in Bejeweled Blitz released on August 5, 2019. It is a blue, irregular decagonal gemstone. Its name is a play on matchmaking.

When the player activates Matchmaker, it will rearrange all the gems on the board into like-colored groups and award a score bonus for each Special and Rare Gem cleared. The rate in which the player may use the Boost throughout games varies depending on its level, ranging from every 22 seconds at LVL 1 to every 5 seconds at Max LVL.

To unlock Matchmaker, the player must complete 35 Events missions in the Facebook version or 35 Blitz Quest tasks in the iOS/Android version. If the player fulfills the prerequisite in one version, the Boost will also become available to them in the other.


LVL Cooldown Upgrade cost Upgrade reward
1 0:22 Shard icon 1,200 Diamond icon 3
2 0:20 Shard icon 1,800
3 0:18 Shard icon 2,400
4 0:16 Diamond icon 18 Goldbar icon 1,800
5 0:13 Shard icon 7,200 Diamond icon 5
6 0:12 Shard icon 10,200
7 0:11 Diamond icon 36 Goldbar icon 3,500
8 0:09 Shard icon 16,200 Diamond icon 10
9 0:08 Shard icon 19,200
10 0:07 Diamond icon 72 Goldbar icon 7,000
Max 0:05

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Emparejador[1] Matchmaker
French Matchmaker[2] Matchmaker
German Matchmaker[3] Matchmaker
Italian Matchmaker[4] Matchmaker
Portuguese Casamenteira[5] Matchmaker


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