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Match Bomb (Madness Bomb 疯狂炸弹, Fēngkuáng Zhàdàn in Chinese) is a mode that appears exclusively in the Chinese version of Bejeweled 3, along with Time Bomb. It is an endless variant of the Time Bomb I and III mini-quests that appear in Quest mode. Match Bomb involves attempting to destroy an endless amount of Bomb Gems that fall down on the board before their digits hit zero, which deplete every move.

Unlike the other modes, Match Bomb does not need to be unlocked by fulfilling any requirement.


Bejeweled 3dx match bomb in progress

A game of Match Bomb in progress

In Match Bomb, the game begins with a Bomb Gem on the board. Each Bomb Gem depletes by one every time a valid move is made, and must be destroyed before any Bomb Gem reaches zero (0). Bomb Gems can be destroyed by matching them with gems having the bomb's respective color, or can be destroyed by using Special Gems. The total number of Bomb Gems destroyed can be seen above the Menu panel.

At least one Bomb Gem will always be present on the board. Bomb Gems generate from the top of the board, and appear from the top of the board after a few moves or after the last Bomb Gem on the board has been destroyed. Each Bomb Gem is set to 20 ticks, but after a score of 500,000 and higher is reached, the starting count of the Bomb Gems decreases to 15, and the frequency of Bomb Gems appearing increases.

When a Bomb Gem reaches 8, it begins to emit steam and begins to flash red. If any Bomb Gem reaches zero, the Bomb Gem will explode, which destroys the game board and ends the game.


  • In a similar fashion to the Ice Storm mode, the game suddenly ends once the score reaches or exceeds 1 million points (by dropping a zero-move bomb and immediately exploding into Game Over). This is presumably caused by the fact that there is no provision for 10-move bombs by default, which theoretically should appear at 1 million points. However, a lack of hard evidence makes this theory impossible to prove.
  • Unlike Bejeweled Twist, 10-move and 5-move Bomb Gems do not spawn normally in-game.
  • This mode, alongside Time Bomb are the only game modes to not have their own unique badges.


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