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Marathon is a planet with custom set of challenges created by ShineStreet in mid 2018. The planet received several updates to its challenges and look.

This planet consists of 46 challenges instead of the regular seven. These include one move, luck-based, turn-based, timed and untimed challenges.

The extreme versions of the original challenge objectives of the game are predominantly present in this planet.


Name Description
Marathon 1 Clear 90 gems in one move.
Marathon 2 Clear 35 gems in 1 move without creating a special gem.
Marathon 3 Match 10 gems with a single move.
Marathon 4 Clear 700 gems with no Supernovas in 3 minutes.
Marathon 5 Score 10000 points without clearing Coals in 7 minutes.
Marathon 6 Clear 200 gems of each color (1400 in total).
Marathon 7 Create an x9 non-blue gem cascade.
Marathon 8 Make 9 violet matches in a row in 30 cascades.
Marathon 9 Explode 70 Flame Gems in 3 minutes.
Marathon 10 Trigger 40 Lightning Gems in 3 minutes.
Marathon 11 Clear 400 gems with no Supernovas in 50 moves.
Marathon 12 Create an x150 chain in 3 minutes.
Marathon 13 Get 20 yellow and 20 orange gems onscreen.
Marathon 14 Create a double rainbow pattern in 3 minutes.
Marathon 15 Break 180 Locks in 9 minutes.
Marathon 16 Break 15 Locks in 1 move with no Supernovas in 7 minutes.
Marathon 17 Defuse 200 Bomb Gems in 10 minutes.
Marathon 18 Destroy 100 Doom Gems in 10 minutes.
Marathon 19 Destroy 100 coals with no Supernovas in 50 moves.
Marathon 20 Get 52 coals onscreen.
Marathon 21 Survive for 650 turns.
Marathon 22 Score 15000 points in 150 moves.
Marathon 23 Get 15 orange, 15 violet, 12 white and 12 red gems onscreen.
Marathon 24 Clear 300 yellow gems, then make a match of 8 orange gems in 10 minutes.
Marathon 25 Clear 85 Ice Gems in 7 minutes.
Marathon 26 Clear 20 Ice Gems in 1 move in 7 minutes.
Marathon 27 Clear 61 gems in 1 move with no Lightning in 120 turns.
Marathon 28 Make 6 green matches in a row in 6 moves.
Marathon 29 Create an x4 cascade on a 3x3 game board.
Marathon 30 Make a 5 gem match on a 4x4 game board.
Marathon 31 Trigger 5 Lightning Gems in 1 move on a 5x5 game board.
Marathon 32 Create 3 Flame and Lightning Gems in 1 move on a 6x6 game board.
Marathon 33 Preserve 8 gems of each color (56 in total).
Marathon 34 Clear every violet, blue and orange gem off the board.
Marathon 35 Clear 200 non-red gems in 3 minutes.
Marathon 36 Score 8000 points without clearing blue gems in 5 minutes.
Marathon 37 Clear 800 gems while clearing 150 green gems or less in 300 moves.
Marathon 38 Clear 400 white gems while surviving.
Marathon 39 Make an x125 chain without creating a special gem.
Marathon 40 Make an x60 chain without exceeding 70 cascades.
Marathon 41 Create 10 Flame and 5 Lightning Gems without a matchless move.
Marathon 42 Trigger 20 Flame and Lightning Gems in 1 move (no Supernovas).
Marathon 43 Create 45 Lightning Gems without triggering one in 10 minutes.
Marathon 44 Create 8 Flame Gems and explode 20 of them in 1 move.
Marathon 45 Detonate 10 Supernovas without exceeding 30 cascades.
Marathon 46 Preserve 20 Flame and Lightning Gems.
Marathon Eclipse Create as many Lightning Gems as you can without breaking a Lock.
A very early version of Marathon

A very early version of Marathon being tested by Boo Piper 120 on a YouTube livestream that took place on June 7th, 2018


  • As of August 14th, 2023, this planet is in active development.
  • Marathon's 25th, 26th and 30th challenges require the game to be able to recognize the match type that's needed to create Ice Gems.
  • The 13th challenge also includes Coal Gems.
  • The following challenges will NOT display your full progress in real time but you still have to fulfill every objective in those.
    • The 6th challenge will only display the number of red gems that are cleared. In this case, you can take The Tube as your reference point. Once it stops going upwards, try clearing different-coloured gems.
    • The 27th challenge doesn't display the number of moves you have to complete the challenge within. You still have the number of moves given to you.
    • The 24th challenge will only display the number of Yellow Gems you clear. The challenge won't end unless you match 8 orange gems with a single move.
    • The 41st challenge will only display the number of Flame Gems you create. You still have to create the specified number of Lightning Gems.
    • The 8th, 40th and 45th challenges don't display the number of cascades piling up during gameplay. Memorizing the total number of cascades is the way to go in those challenges.
    • Creating Supernova Gems on the 46th challenge will only contribute to the number of Flame Gems that are on the game board.


  • Added one new challenge (challenge 2), balanced the duration-to-difficulty ratio of existing challenges (challenges 4, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14 and 41 to name a few)
  • Challenge 7 no longer has a move limit but the number of cascades that need to be achieved has now been increased from 8 to 9.
  • Challenge 19's nine minute time limit has now been replaced with the move limit count of 50. The number of Coal Gems you need to destroy has also been reduced from 170 to 100.
  • Challenge 24 now has a ten minute time limit.
  • Changed the Eclipse challenge, though this change may or may not be final. For more information, keep an eye on my community posts.


  • Marathon can be seen in the following YouTube videos:
  1. This Bejeweled Twist footage has unused music
  2. Bejeweled Twist - Fruit Gems in Challenge Mode

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