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The Lost Relics of Bejeweled (also known as the lost treasures of Bejeweled in the Nintendo DS version) are five large objects that are featured in Quest mode. They are golden artifacts, with each one having eight green jewels. They specifically are (in order) a flask, a book, a chalice, a tiara, and a throne.

When Quest mode is played for the first time, the Lost Relics of Bejeweled appear as shimmering outlines with all their green jewels missing. According to the Bejeweled 3 README file, this is because the Relics were darkened by time. The artifacts play a key role in Quest mode, as the primary objective of the game mode is to illuminate the Relics by completing various mini-games known as mini-quests. Each artifact features eight mini-quests that are associated with the Relic's gems. Successfully completing a mini-quest adds a jewel to its corresponding artifact. When four gems have been added to a Relic, it undergoes a transformation in which all of its details are revealed but it remains as a semi-transparent object. When a Relic earns all eight of its jewels, it undergoes another transformation in which it is restored to its original form.

In most versions of Bejeweled 3 except the mobile version, revealing the first Lost Relic of Bejeweled unlocks Diamond Mine mode. In the Xbox 360 and PlayStation versions of the game, revealing all five Relics awards the achievement/trophy Relics Revealed.


  • Some of the artifacts that can be unearthed in Diamond Mine mode are decorated with green jewels that are similar to the ones the Lost Relics of Bejeweled have.
  • Concept artwork of the Lost Relics of Bejeweled suggest that the artifacts originally had to be restored in a different manner, as each Relic has five green jewels and three red jewels instead of all their jewels being green.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ビジュエルド遺跡
Bijuerudo Iseki
Bejeweled Historic Ruins
Spanish Reliquias perdidas de Bejeweled Lost Relics of Bejeweled
French Reliques perdues de Bejeweled Lost Relics of Bejeweled
German Relikte von Bejeweled (in-game)
Verlorenen Relikte von Bejeweled (README file)
Relics of Bejeweled
Lost Relics of Bejeweled
Italian Reliquie perdute di Bejeweled (in-game)
Antiche reliquie di Bejeweled (README file)
Lost Relics of Bejeweled
Ancient Relics of Bejeweled
Portuguese Relíquias perdidas do Bejeweled Lost Relics of Bejeweled
Chinese 失落的宝石迷阵宝物
Shīluò de Bǎoshímízhèn Bǎowù
Lost Treasure of Bejeweled



Concept artwork