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Lonely Hyper Refresh (LHR) is a technique that originated in Bejeweled Blitz (Facebook and older Mobile versions). It is one of few techniques that can be performed without utilising Elite Technique.


LHR exploits a built in "cool down timer" that is programmed into the game to prevent a newly-created special gem from being activated immediately after its creation due to chain reaction from other Special Gems on the board.

Applying this on a newly-created Hypercube will enable its prevention from being erased when Double Hyper Refresh was performed with it via a neighbouring Hypercube. When performed correctly the board will clear of gems as result of DHR but the newly-created Hypercube will remain in place and will become useable after the board has been refilled of gems.

Excecution Steps[]

Have 2 hypercubes next to each other, 1 being a gem formation to create a hypercube (5 gems in a row)

Make sure when performing this move that you use the 5 in a row move first before the cube that is there

This next part is important because timing is key, you need to have a quick reaction and once the cube you've just swapped has just been created, swap the other hypercube that's been sitting there with the one you've just created as it transforms.

Once the swap has been made, there is an indication to if you have performed it correctly or not, if all but 1 are highlighted during the clear out, if everything is highlighted it means you'll not have that hypercube remaining when new gems are being set.