Locksmith is a supposed challenge that was scrapped from Bejeweled Twist.

Within the properties directory in the game files of Bejeweled Twist are various configuration files. One of the XML documents is config_locksmith.xml, which contains settings for Locked Gems. However, this particular config file is not used or referenced at all. Judging by its name and contents, it seems the XML document belonged to a challenge called Locksmith and its puzzles involved Locked Gems in some way. It is worth noting that Challenge has an unused objective setting for clearing Locked Gems, which most likely would have been used in conjunction with config_locksmith.xml.

Although a configuration file for Locksmith exists, no specific graphics for the challenge and further information about the challenge and its puzzles can be found in the game files. It is unknown why the challenge was scrapped from the game.


  • A locksmith is a person whose work is making or repairing locks and keys.
  • There are several videos on YouTube in which users have created their own versions of Locksmith and what it may have been like as a playable challenge.