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Bejeweled Twist Locked Gem
Appearance(s): Bejeweled Twist
"This locked gem can't be moved, but can still be matched as usual."
— Mouseover description from Bejeweled Twist, when Locked Gem appear
"This gem will be locked after your next turn. You won't be able to match it, but it can be still be matched as usual."
— Bejeweled Twist, mouseover description, when Locking Gem appear

Locked Gem is a type of gem that appears in Bejeweled Twist. It can't be moved, but the player can still be matched it as usual.

The player is alerted when a Locked Gem will appear by turning the gem to be locked into a Locking Gem. They appear as a normal gem with a small gray lock hovering above it, giving the player one last chance to move it. If it is not cleared, the lock will rise up and then secure itself onto the gem when the player twists once more. The gem will be encased in a metal cage, with the lock connected to it by four chains attached to the corners.

Any Fruit Gem detonation will free all gems locked down.


Locked Gems primarily only appear in two gamemodes, Classic and Challenge mode. In Classic, Locked Gems are first appeared in level 4. In the first few levels, they do not appear commonly, but as the player progresses they appear much more frequently.

In Challenge, Locked Gems only appear in the Survivor puzzles. They were also going to be used in Locksmith, a challenge type that wasn't added.

First appearance is in Gyromance what works same as in Bejeweled Twist.


  • Locked Gems only appear in Classic mode after Level 3, but it is possible to make them appear earlier by editing some of the game files.
  • It is possible to clear the Locking Gem in two moves, but it takes timing and speed to execute it.

Names in other languages[]

Locked Gem Locking Gem
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ロックジェム
Rokku Jemu
Lock Gem
Spanish Joya bloqueada Locked Jewel
French Gemme cadenas Padlock Gem
German Gesperrter Stein Locked Stone
Italian Gemma bloccata Locked Gem
Portuguese Pedra travada Locked Stone
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ジェムのロック
Jemu no Rokku
Lock Gem
Spanish Joya pre-bloqueada Pre-locked Jewel
French Gemme fermante Closing Gem
German Sperrwarnung Lock Warning
Italian Gemma quasi bloccata Almost Locked Gem
Portuguese Pedra travada Locked Stone



Sound Description
A Locking Gem appears
A lock starting to lock the gem
A Locked Gem appears
A Locked Gem destroyed