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Lives (known as Heart) are a fundamental element in Bejeweled Stars. They can potentially be the most hated element in modern match-3 games. They appear on the top left side. The maximum possible lives without having infinite lives and 6th permanent heart are 5. You can earn unlimited lives by getting a special offer, paying coins or making an in-app purchase.

If you have one or more lives, you can play the level. If you fail the level, press the quit button or due to some unknown bugs that cause the game to crash, a life is lost. When you run out of lives, you are not able to play any level.

Running out of lives[]

One of the biggest issues almost every player face is running out of lives. No need to panic, because the following shows several ways to get your lives restored. When you run out of lives, there are some ways to get more lives.

  • Waiting. The basic way to get more lives. Each game you have to wait for 20 minutes to recharge each life. You can get the full set of lives after 1 hour 40 minutes.
  • Ask friends. You can ask your friends for more lives.
  • Watch Video. Some games you can claim the offer by watching a short video for one additional live.

However, the players don't want to wait, so there is another way to get lives.

  • Move the device clock forward. You can set your device clock forward to get an instant set of lives. This does not work anymore.
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