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This page contains a list of the artifacts that can be found in Diamond Mine mode. There are 46 in total.

Artifact Description Point value Depth requirements
Item Bowl big
Mystic's Bowl
A wooden bowl. 7,500 0-120
Item Spoon big
Brunchy Spoon
A stone spoon. 7,500 0-120
Item Fork big
Handy Fork
A metal fork with design patterns. 7,500 0-120
Item Tongs big
Massive Tongs
A tong with swirly bars on it, resembling a tong for teeth. 7,500 0-120
Item Flute big
Fairest Flute
A wooden flute with red painted rings. 7,500 0-120
Item Stirrup big
Flanking Stirrup
A metal stirrup. 9,000 0-120
Item Trowel big
Master Trowel
A trowel with engraved patterns. 9,000 0-120
Item Pot big
Feasting Pot
A pot. 9,000 0-120
Item Boots big
Thorough Boots
A pair of gray-colored boots with gold straps on it. 9,000 0-120
Item Dish big
Ornate Dish
A cracked dish with a flower-like pattern on it. 9,000 0-120
Item Trident big
Sharp Trident
A trident with a swirly base. 10,500 0-120
Item Horseshoe big
Rugged Horseshoe
A horseshoe with a royal pattern on it. 10,500 0-120
Item Crest big
Village Crest
A shield with art resembling two kingdoms and bulls. 10,500 0-120
Item Anvil big
Royal Anvil
An anvil. 10,500 0-120
Item Gear big
Intricate Gear
A gear with golden patterns on it. 12,000 0-120
Item Scroll big
Sovereign Scroll
A scroll with checklist items written on it. 12,000 0-120
Item Book big
Abandoned Book
A book with a leather case. 12,000 0-120
Item Lamp big
Shaman's Lamp
A bronze genie lamp. 13,500 60-160
Item Key big
Gifted Key
A royal key. 13,500 60-160
Item BowArrow big
Lordly Bow
A royal bow with an arrow. 15,000 60-160
Item Hammer big
Smith's Hammer
A bronze hammer with a crystal in the center. 15,000 60-160
Item Mace big
Studded Mace
A bronze mace with crystals on the ball face. 15,000 60-160
Item Helmet big
Cryptic Helm
A bronze helmet with horns on it. 16,500 60-160
Item Vase big
Embellished Vase
A vase with royal patterns on it. 18,000 60-160
Item MagnifyingGlass big
Faithful Glass
A magnifying glass with a royal-like design. 19,500 60-160
Item Mask big
Capacious Mask
A silver mask. 25,500 140-220
Item Staff big
Arcane Staff
A silver staff. 25,500 140-220
Item Bell big
Flawless Bell
A silver bell with four green crystals on it. 27,000 140-220
Item Gauntlet big
Virtuous Gauntlet
A silver gauntlet with a large green crystal in the center, with smaller crystals on the bottom. 28,500 140-220
Item Horse big
Iconic Horse
A silver bust of a horse. 30,000 140-220
Item Comb big
Ancient Comb
A royal comb with red and green crystals. 31,500 140-220
Item Urn big
Hidden Urn
A silver two-handle vase with red and green crystals. 31,500 140-220
Item Horn big
Simple Horn
A silver horn with red and white crystals. 33,000 200+
Item Harp big
Lucid Harp
A golden harp. 37,500 200+
Item Axe big
Fated Axe
A golden axe with red and green crystals on the base. 37,500 200+
Item Dagger big
Sublime Dagger
A dagger with a golden base, with a green diamond on the center of the base. 37,500 200+
Item Scythe big
Noble Scythe
A golden scythe with crystals on the base. 37,500 200+
Item Brush big
Enchanted Brush
A brush with a golden base, having blue and green crystals on the base. 45,000 200+
Item Clock big
Timely Clock
A gold clock with crystals on its shell. 45,000 200+
Item Abicus big
Tenfold Abacus
A golden abacus with a Blue Gem on the top, green crystals on the base, and Orange, Green, Red and White Gems acting as the balls. 45,000 200+
Item Telescope big
Dubious Lens
A gold spyglass. 52,500 200+
Item Astrolabe big
Eminent Astrolabe
A golden astrolabe with green crystals and a Blue Gem in the center. 52,500 200+
Item Sextant big
Brass Sextant
A golden sextant with red and green crystals on it. 60,000 200+
Item Bjorn big
Regal Unicorn
A golden bust of Bjorn, a character from the Peggle series. 75,000 360+
Item Frog big
Mysterious Frog
A replica of Hans P. Froggendorfer, the main character from the Zuma series. 90,000 360+
Item DmGem big
Legendary Gem
A diamond that resembles the original Blue Gem sprite from Diamond Mine. 150,000 520+


  • If all "Gold tier" treasures have already been excavated, the next ones will gradually be a weaker tier, from silver, to bronze, to ordinary even if it's deeper than the Legendary Gem's earliest spawn depth.


  • In the DS version, the Mysterious Frog and the Legendary Gem do NOT appear in that version.
  • Some of the artifacts, including the Royal Anvil, Abandoned Book, and Lordly Bow, may have been considered references to Minecraft by fans. However, this is unlikely true, given that Minecraft did not have an Anvil until several years after Bejeweled 3 released, and only had books when Bejeweled 3 had already gone gold.
  • Some artifacts appear to have Quest Orbs on them.