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This article contains information about beta elements and unused content related to the game Bejeweled.

Gameplay UI[]

CGM 2007 Page GDC 2011 Postmortem Final
ProtoBej1 DM UI
ProtoBej1 Level
Bejeweled UI

Screenshots from CGM 2007 and GDC 2011, showcase screenshots of Bejeweled featuring early UI.

  • The CGM 2007 screenshot features a drastically different UI panel from the final game:
    • The Skill Level selection used in the original Diamond Mine game is present. In the final game, Skill Level 1 would become the Normal Mode, while Skill **Levels 2 and 3 would merge to become the Time Trial mode.
    • The buttons are shaded differently.
    • The game board is slightly larger.
    • The gems are slightly less saturated compared to the final.
    • The Hint button is colored black and features a rounded rectangle shape. In the final, it is a purple circle.
    • The progress bar is completely black and features a different appearance. The two circles are connected instead of separated.
  • In both GCM and GDC screenshots, the score uses the Busorama BT font, and is colored purple. In the final, it uses a digit-esque font and is colored green.
    • In the GCM screenshot, the box that surrounds the score box's corners are round. In the final, it sports a more rectangular shape.
  • In the GDC screenshot, the progress bar is shaded differently. The circles that appear next to the bar are different as well: one features a dotted cross (which is a red button in the final) and the other features a question mark (which shows the level counter in the final).

Unused compliments[]

The compliments "Welcome to Bejeweled!" and "Goodbye!" is not played within the game for unknown reasons.

Unused music sequences[]

All of the music sequences below are generally segments of the tracks themselves, that are scrapped throughout the songs' composition. Music composer Peter Hajba (known as Skaven) said: "There were some unused patterns I had left at the end of the song after the loop point that were not meant to play, but some tracker players apparently ignored the loop point so they ended up playing, making the song longer".

Bejeweled 3 Chromatic We need more Hypercubes and Star Gems. Bejeweled 3 Stellar

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Unused texts[]

Diamond Mine Leftovers[]

<String id="YOU_MUST_REG1">You must register online now to continue playing Diamond Mine!</String>
<String id="DO_YOU_WANT_TO_CHECK_FOR_UPDATES_TO_DIAMOND_MINE">Do you want to check for updates to Diamond Mine? </String>
<String id="YOU_HAVE_PLAYED_DIAMOND_MINE_D_TIMES">You have played Diamond Mine %d times!&cr;&cr;</String>
<String id="YOU_ARE_A_DIAMOND_MINE_AHOLIC">You are a Diamond Mine-aholic!&cr;&cr;</String>

Diamond Mine was the initial name for Bejeweled when it was first published, which explains the presence of these duplicated (but renamed) strings.

Unused graphics[]

Bejeweled bagholder alpha
Bejeweled bagholder

Leftover Sprites of a Money Bag from Big Money.

Bejeweled dm-back

A copy of _alphaback1.png's alpha mask. Another copy of this can be found under the title _yahoo-back.png . In the RealArcade release of Bejeweled, when it still went by the name of Diamond Mine, another copy of the same alphamask can be found, by the title of _real-back.png.

Bejeweled Waitbar

An unused loading bar.