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This article contains information about beta elements and unused content related to the game Bejeweled Blitz.

Leftover Symbol File[]

BejBlitz.pdb is present in the root of installation directories of the two newer versions of the game. It contains the majority of the symbols for the game, newer proprietary version of the commonly used framework and E-Commerce library. The file were most likely built on the exact same date as the wrapper executable.

Version Debug file build date April 4, 2010 March 15, 2011

Unused Graphics[]

Doom Gem[]

Bejeweled3 GFX doomgem

A graphic of the Doom Gem from Bejeweled Twist. Interestingly, the same unused graphic is found in Bejeweled 3.

x9 Multiplier[]

BejeweledBlitz GFX Multiplier large 9
BejeweledBlitz GFX Multiplier old 9

Bejeweled Blitz at some point had the x9 multiplier gem planned. Either way, being scrapped out from the final game and its updates, the graphical data remains. The limit was placed on x8, likely because it has much cleaner score values than x9. The graphics for x9 on the Multiplier Gem itself are unused, but the x9 that shows up when collecting the gem would later be used in Lightning mode.

Dragon Stone[]

BejeweledBlitz GFX dragonstone

The Dragon Stone was originally going to act like Skull Gems from Bejeweled Twist and ate gems until it reached the bottom of the board.


BejeweledBlitz GFX mouse

An image of a mouse.

Unused music sequences and sounds[]

Being based on the then-in-development Bejeweled 3 engine, the music tracker file of the game contains a handful of sequences that are either modified or left out in the final .IT file. Some sound effects were later used in the sequel, but the format was converted to wav.

Bejeweled 3 Chromatic We need more Hypercubes and Star Gems. Bejeweled 3 Stellar

This article is currently under construction, so expect incomplete information. Any help with adding information is greatly appreciated.

Composer note[]

Recycle ideas from:
- The Alchemist
- FL Studio MiscCues
- Surreal (the old tracker song)
- Theatre Noiren bondibiisi

Music types needed:
- Classic
- Zen
- Blitz
- Various puzzle tracks?

The music file (music/ contains some notes from composer Peter "Skaven" Hajba. "The Alchemist" refers to an earlier original song of his.

Developer text[]

This is the message for hypers, powers, etc.

Present in offline/StatsChart.swf.

Unused codes[]


There is code for executing SpikeMonkey.exe in the root of the game directory, after ending a Perf check, it writes a binary smstemp* file where *is a number like 8 and sends a command in this style SpikeMonkey.exe %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Temp\smstemp*-t, such a file does not exist in the game directory.

Debug Commands[]

Pressing CTRL-ALT-D will play a sound to indicate debug key input is enabled, allowing options of typing unique keys for debugging displays or mechanisms, another use will disable it, a few were added and modified.

  • Shift-F2 - Added, starts/stop perf timing, shows an in-game display in red saying PERF RECORD.
  • F3 - Added a unique function, similar to Bejeweled Twist, drawing debug information of the playfield. However most other functions compared to that it are not present.
  • The value on the top left corner is the name of the PopAnim file loaded. The value on the top right corner shows the total game time in frames. A red square appears if gems are falling.
    • CTRL-F3 - Added to show a window.
Frame overdraw %.2fx

Command line parameters[]

The game's executable mentions developer command lines for starting the game. It's not friendly with commands using spaces, so use = instead. The majority are the exact same as Bejeweled 3 but the majority don't really work, however the game has one unique.

Argument Description Screenshot (if necessary)
-blitz When the game starts, it will skip the main menu and jump to the Blitz mode, please note the background is messed up this way. N/A