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Appearance(s): Bejeweled Twist
Bejeweled Blitz LIVE
"Created by lining up 5 gems of the same color. Fires lightning in 4 directions when matched!"
Bejeweled Twist, mouseover description

Lightning Gem is a type of Special Gem that first appeared in Bejeweled Twist. It is the predecessor of the Star Gem that later appeared in the Bejeweled series starting with Bejeweled Blitz; although it also appeared in Bejeweled Blitz LIVE, which reprises the intersect match-Star Gem-creation mechanic, as a consistency with the theme of Bejeweled Twist that it is based on. It has an appearance of a gem with a lightning effect based on its color.


It is created by matching either five gems in a row (in Bejeweled Twist and the Twist mode of Bejeweled Blitz LIVE) or five (or more) gems in an "L", "T", or "+" intersecting match (in Bejeweled Blitz LIVE, which doing so in Bejeweled Twist creates a Flame Gem instead). When detonated, it destroys all gems along its x-axis and y-axis.


  • The affirmation that it sends lightning in four different directions is not necessarily true. The player can make a Lightning Gem in any top corner and if it is triggered while in the same place, it will send lightning in two ways. Detonating a Lightning Gem at the bottom row of the board will make it send lightning in three ways.
  • It is a part of the appearance of a Supernova Gem found on the games it appeared on (with a Flame Gem as the other), analogous to the fact that its effect is combined with that of a Flame Gem during the Supernova Gem's detonation.

Names in other languages[]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 雷のジェム
Kaminari no Jemu
Thunder Gem
Spanish Joya electrificada Electrified Jewel
French Gemme éclair Lightning Gem
German Blitzstein Lightning Stone
Italian Gemma di Fulmine Lightning Gem
Portuguese Pedra eletrizante Electrifying Stone


Sound Description
A Lightning Gem being made
A Lightning Gem detonated