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The Levelup Tube is a gameplay element exclusive to Bejeweled Twist, and replaces the Level Bar seen in other Bejeweled titles.  

In the tutorial, most of the tube is completely disabled, with no chain meter, and no Bonus Challenge.  

In Classic mode, the Levelup Tube fills whenever you score points. The tube continues to fill until it is completely filled to advance to the next level. If 3-D acceleration is on, in some level transitions you can see the tube emptying.

In Blitz mode, the tube is used as a timer and the tube empties as time goes by. 

The Levelup Tube includes parts other than just the tube. It also includes a Chain Meter that increases whenever a match is made, this is located on the very top of the tube, along with your current score. The meter will also change color depending on the multiplier. Another part of the tube is the Bonus Challenge, it is located on the bottom of the tube. If you complete the challenge, it will add some points to the Chain Meter and destroy bombs on the gaming board. Sometimes, the Fruit Bonus challenge will appear.

When a bomb or a doom explodes, resulting in a game over, the tube gets destroyed by the resulting explosion. 

The tube is sometimes used differently in Challenge mode.  
In all challenges, the bottom part is used as the challenge description and the top part is used to keep track of your progress.

In the Spectrum challenge, the tube fills as consecutive matches of a certain color gem is made. 
In challenges 1-3 in Chain Reaction, the tube fills by a certain amount of chains produced. After challenge 4, it is used as a timer. 

However, in Gemfall, the tube stays static, however, the top part and bottom part of the tube is still used as the challenge description and keeping track of progress