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Ice Gem- Bejeweled Twist

Ice Gem is a type of Special Gem that was scrapped from Bejeweled Twist. It is a basic type of gem surrounded by wisps of icy mist.


An Ice Gem is created by matching 5 gems in an X formation.

The gem could stop Bomb and Doom Gems from counting down, stops bad gems from appearing, and stops the Chain Meter from decreasing. It still allows time to continue ticking down in timed modes though. This proof was revealed by a user on YouTube.[1]


  • The notification that appears when an Ice Gem is seen for the first time would have been the only one in Bejeweled Twist that highlights the name of the gem with lavender text color.
  • Whenever a move is performed while under the effects of an Ice Gem, the Gem Rotator emits small bursts of sparkles as it spins.
  • When matching an Ice Gem, the background turns blue and the music will pause itself until the Ice effect disappears.
  • The ice effect lasts for 3 moves but you can make it last longer by matching more ice gems.
  • This would have been the only type of match in the Bejeweled franchise that does not require a line of gems to be made.
  • It is possible to re-enable the ice gem by modifying the game's files, but the ice gem will only work in Challenge mode.[2]
  • If you reset while the Ice Gem's effects are active, the moves before the game reverts to normal doesn't get reset, so the above effects are still present.
  • This Ice Gem can be obtained through HEX editing or using LDinos Save Editor.

Names in other languages[]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 氷のジェム
Koori no Jemu
Ice Gem
Spanish Joya helada Frost Jewel
French Gemme de glace Ice Gem
German Froststein Frost Stone
Italian Gemma di Ghiaccio Ice Gem
Portuguese Pedra-gelo Ice Stone