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Appearance(s): Bejeweled 2
Bejeweled Blitz
Bejeweled Blitz LIVE

(Classic only)
Bejeweled 3
Bejeweled Stars
Bejeweled Champions
"Swap this Hypercube with a gem to clear all gems of that color off the board!"
— Description from Bejeweled Stars
"Created by matching 5 gems in a line. Swap it with a gem to zap all gems of the same color onscreen."
Bejeweled 3, mouseover description

Hypercube is a type of Special Gem that appears in the Bejeweled series, first appearing in Bejeweled 2. Normally created by matching five gems in a row, it is a gem that has the ability to destroy all the gems of it's color when swapped with said gem.


The Hypercube's design has varied over several games. In Bejeweled 2, it is a glowing sphere with colorful energy surrounding it. When Hardware Acceleration is turned on (and in specific versions of the game), the Hypercube morphs, giving it a cube-like appearance.

In Bejeweled 3, the Hypercube's design is a cube with several differently marked sides, with each side glowing the colors of the rainbow. It also emits an aura of glowing mist. In Bejeweled Blitz LIVE, the Hypercube features a similar design to the Bejeweled 3 appearance, albeit the cube is much brighter.

In Bejeweled Stars, the Hypercube's design is a chrome colored 2x2x2 Rubik's cube, with the center featuring glowing light and energy surrounding the cube.


Hypercube is created by creating a match of 5 gems (or more in Bejeweled 2 and Blitz). When the Hypercube is swapped with any gem, it zaps and destroys all gems of the color swapped with on the board.


Starting with Bejeweled Blitz, if a Hypercube is swapped with another Hypercube, it will perform a super-charged lightning strike where all the gems are destroyed from the game board. In Bejeweled 3, performing the Annihilator will give the player two Hypercubes back (one in Ice Storm).

In Bejeweled 2[]

Hypercubes make their debut alongside the Power Gems in Bejeweled 2. It is created by matching five or more gems in a row. Hypercubes have the ability to destroy rocks on the board in Puzzle, Cognito and Finity. In the game's files, there are a couple lines of code saying:

<!-- Mininum number of gems needed in a match to create a wildcard destroyer -->
<Integer id=MinWildCombo>    5        </Integer>

This implies that Hypercubes were either going to be called or were called internally wildcard destroyers, or they just hadn't come up with a name yet. The typo is in the actual code.

If a Hypercube is swapped with another Hypercube, it will destroy all the Hypercubes on the board. If a Hypercube is in the radius of a Power Gem explosion, the Hypercube will dissolve without triggering any effects. It is recommended to keep distance between Hypercubes and Power Gems.

In Bejeweled 3, Bejeweled Blitz and Bejeweled Champions[]

Hypercubes make their return in Bejeweled Blitz after being absent from Bejeweled Twist. Like Bejeweled 2, it is created by matching 5 or more gems in a row (except in Bejeweled 3, where matching 6 or more gems creates a Supernova Gem). When a Hypercube is triggered, the screen darkens with only the gems about to be detonated lighting up. Beginning with Blitz, if a Hypercube is in the radius of an explosion of a Flame Gem or Star Gem, it will destroy all the gems of the special gem's color that caused the explosion.

In Bejeweled 3, Hypercubes can fall on the game board in several modes including Ice Storm, Diamond Mine, and in the Buried Treasure/Sandstorm, Time Bomb, Ice Storm and Poker mini-quests. Hypercubes can also be found occasionally buried in the dirt in Diamond Mine, where the player has to unbury it in order to be usable. If no moves become possible when the player proceeds to a deeper layer, a normal gem will transform into a Hypercube. In the Poker game mode and mini-quests, creating or swapping two Hypercubes together will create a wild card, which alters color to give the player the best possible hand out of the current cards the player has.

In Bejeweled Blitz LIVE, the Hypercube only appears in the Classic game mode. In the Twist mode, matching five gems in a row will instead create a Lightning Gem.

In Bejeweled Stars[]

Bejeweled Stars features the same Hypercube techniques as it did post-Bejeweled Blitz. Hypercubes can also be spawned on the game board using the Hyper Swapper power. Swapping the Hypercube with another Special Gem will create specific effects:

  • With a Flame Gem: All the gems of the Flame Gem's color become Flame Gems, with the swapped Flame Gem disappearing from the board without triggering it's effect.
  • With a Star Gem: All the gems of the Star Gem's color become Star Gems, with the swapped Star Gem disappearing from the board without triggering it's effect.
  • With another Hypercube: Zaps all the gems off the board.
  • With a DarkSphere: Zaps all the gems off the board, albeit grant more points.

Strategies and Tips[]

  • It is a vital Special Gem in Classic, as it helps increase player's survivability. It is important to not let any Special Gems destroy which it could risk the player to lose moves. Keep any Special Gems away or don't activate any special gems near the Hypercube to ensure its safety.
  • Study the board of how you will get the Hypercube. Remember that it will disappear once you have activated it. In Bejeweled Stars, since it is a moves-based game, it is wise to wait closer to the end of your moves (closer to 0) to set off your hypercube. Waiting closer to the end usually gets you closer to completing the task, even though you might not.
  • In Bejeweled 2, Hypercubes are fragile and can be destroyed easily by Power Gems or most notably, combining two Hypercubes; unlike the newer installments of the Bejeweled series. It is advisable to avoid combining two or more Hypercubes in Classic and on Twilight modes.
  • On Finity, Action, Hyper, and Endless modes; zapping the power gem while Hypercube is nearby may be used as a handy boost to get more points. For example, zapping a Hypercube with a Power Gem gives you 750 points per Hypercube detonation in Endless.
  • In newer Bejeweled installments, it has been buffed to not be fragile from their predecessor in Bejeweled 2. Combining 2 Hypercubes won't make them disappear, but instead will clear all gems in the board. If any Special Gems hit the Hypercube, it will clear the select gem normally without it being destroyed. This change makes it easier for the player to save them in most modes.
  • In Bejeweled 3's Classic, combining two Hypercubes will reward back again two Hypercubes in a randomized position upon clearing all gems in the board. Gemwiping and Aerial Techniques are useful to make Hypercubes, thus increasing the chance of player's survivability.



  • Out of all the Special Gems in the Bejeweled series, the Hypercube is the gem that had the most design alterations in the series.
  • Bejeweled Twist is the only major series entry to not feature Hypercubes. The Fruit Gems, feature a similar role to the Hypercubes.
  • The Hypercube sound effect adopts the Lightning Gem sound effect from Bejeweled Twist when it is created, a fact that is also unique to Bejeweled Blitz LIVE.
  • Starting with Bejeweled Blitz, it has mysterious-looking patterns on the sides of it representing all the primary and secondary colors if the player looks closely.
  • A Hypercube in Euclidean space refers to a theoretical solid with all regular quadrilateral sides in four-dimensional space.

Specific to Bejeweled 2

  • Development images of Bejeweled 2 depict the Hypercube as a rainbow sphere, as a placeholder.
  • According to evidence found inside the game files, it seems that Hypercube were originally known as Wildcard Destroyers.
    • In the audio files for the game, Hypercubes are also referred to as Hypergems.
  • Making two intersecting matches of 5 and 3 gems will create a Hypercube that turns into a Power Gem at the end of the level.

Specific to Bejeweled 3

  • In Ice Storm, Diamond Mine, and some Quests in Quest mode, Hypercubes are sometimes dropped onto the board.
  • Matching 2 Hypercubes together would sometimes restore Hypercubes back onto the board: two Hypercubes in Classic mode and Zen mode; and only one Hypercube in Ice Storm mode.
  • Detonating a Flame Gem near a Hypercube in Quests such as Butterflies will cause it to zap gems of the same color as the Flame Gem detonated near it or a random color.
  • Matching 2 Hypercubes for the first time gives the player the Elite Badge, Annihilator.

Specific to Bejeweled Stars[]

  • Like Bejeweled Blitz, Bejeweled Blitz Live, and Bejeweled 3, the Hypercube animation depicts it spinning continuously. In Bejeweled Stars an electricity-like effect is also present on the gem.
  • The Hypercube sound effect also used for the DarkSphere.
  • Unlike in previous Bejeweled games. Hypercubes in Bejeweled Stars destroy every gem of the same color at once, instead of having them be zapped from top to bottom.
  • Swapping two Hypercubes will not reward two back in this game, unlike Bejeweled 3.

Names in other languages[]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハイパーキューブ
Spanish Hipercubo Hypercube
French Hyper cube Hyper Cube
German Superwürfel Super Cube
Italian Ipersfera Hypersphere
Portuguese Hipercubo Hypercube
Chinese 超级能量宝石
Chāojí Néngliàng Bǎoshí
Super Energy Gem


Bejeweled 2[]

Bejeweled Blitz LIVE[]

Bejeweled 3[]

Bejeweled Stars[]


Bejeweled 2[]

Sound Description
A Hypercube being made

Bejeweled 3[]

Sound Description
A Hypercube being made
Gem being zapped

Bejeweled Classic[]

Sound Description
A Hypercube being made. Same as Bejeweled 3.
Gem being zapped. Classic uses 3's but with the inclusion of a new foreground noise while fading out.

Bejeweled Stars[]

Sound Description
A Hypercube being made. This also used for DarkSphere.
Gem being zapped.