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Hyper, also known as Hyper mode, is one of the nine playable game modes in Bejeweled 2. It is an unlockable game mode that becomes available after completing Level 8 in Action mode. In most PlayStation versions, it is unlocked by completing level 5 in Action.


Hyper mode is similar to Action mode, as it is timed and the game ends if time runs out. However, this mode is 50% faster more than the normal game speed and cascades happen more often. The goal is to completely fill in the level-up bar which is the same goal of most game modes. It also adds a new feature that isn't in any of the other modes: You can get cascade multiplier points (and sound effects) by making matches fast enough. For example, if you make 3 matches in a row on level 1 quickly enough, the first match will earn 200 points, the second 400 points, and the third 600 points. The time-frame to match more gems and keep the streak going is a little under one second. Until further notice, there is no visible limit to how high the multiplier can go, but it is assumed that it is the same for cascades.


  • If the player uses the "SLOMO" code in this mode, the game will be put into the normal speed with other parts of gameplay unchanged. However, the game progress after using this code will not be saved although; the high score will be saved if the player manages to get one in this game mode while this code is disabled.


Gem2 We need more Gems to level-up. Gem3

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Names in other languages[]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Hiper Hyper
French Hyper Hyper
German Super Super
Italian Rapida Rapid
Portuguese Híper Hyper