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Hegemon V is the seventh of Puzzle mode's seventeen planets. It becomes available when any four of Maya III's five puzzles have been solved.

Puzzle Mode Tutorial 6

The puzzles of Hegemon V introduce Bombs, and a brief tutorial regarding this type of "gem" is given upon accessing the planet for the first time. The second, third and fourth puzzles feature symmetrical formations and patterns, while the first and the fifth puzzles feature their own formation and pattern. Every puzzle contains at least one Bomb (the second, third, and fourth puzzles have two), and each puzzle except the fifth contains Rocks.

Completing any four of Hegemon V's five puzzles unlocks access to Toroid X, the next planet in Puzzle mode.


  • Various ports of the game (including the iOS and Android versions) of Bejeweled 2 feature this backdrop flipped.
  • On the artist page of Armands Auseklis, the name of this backdrop is "Elements I".[1]